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David Byrne - American Utopia (Lossless, Hi Res 2018)

Alternative  Indie Rock
Date: 13 march 2018
Added: StasOn11
Views: 1195
  • ARTIST: David Byrne
  • ALBUM / TITLE: American Utopia
  • COUNTRY: Arbutus, Maryland, United States
  • STYLE: Alternative, Indie Rock
  • LABEL: Nonesuch - 565710-2
  • DURATION: 00:37:17
  • FILE FORMAT: FLAC, (tracks) 24 bits, 96 KHz
  • QUALITY: Lossless
  • Site:

  • RATING: 10 / 3    
  • VOTE:


Torrent description

01. I Dance Like This (03:33)
02. Gasoline and Dirty Sheets (03:19)
03. Every Day Is a Miracle (04:46)
04. Dog's Mind (02:29)
05. This Is That (04:31)
06. It's Not Dark Up Here (04:10)
07. Bullet (03:09)
08. Doing the Right Thing (03:38)
09. Everybody's Coming To My House (03:29)
10. Here (04:13)

Источник (релизер): pirs18
What we said: In a statement supplied alongside American Utopia, David Byrne writes, “I sense that I am not the only one looking and asking, wondering and still holding onto some tiny bit of hope, unwilling to succumb entirely to despair or cynicism.” Therein lie the roots of the Talking Heads frontman’s first studio album since 2012’s St. Vincent-collaboration Love This Giant. This time boasting partnerships with Brian Eno, Oneohtrix Point Never’s Daniel Lopatin, Sampha and Jam City, American Utopia offers a genre-hopping array of sunny melodies, and is as optimistic thematically as it is disorientatingly surrealistic. Expect escapism rather than biting satire, and questions rather than answers, alongside an abundance of intriguing ideas.

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